Creating Additional Stripe Accounts

You may need to create additional Stripe Accounts if you have more than one bank account for your practice or providers.

If this is your first time creating a Stripe Account, please see the Stripe Account Setup - Company or Stripe Account Setup - Individual/Sole Trader articles.  

Important Information:

  • Each Provider can only be linked to one Stripe Account at a time. 
  • Each Stripe Account can only be linked to one bank account.  
  • Each Stripe Account requires a unique email address, to be used as your login name.
  • All Providers will default to the first Stripe Account created.  
  • You can have as many additional Stripe Accounts as you need.  
  • Stripe Accounts cannot be deleted, but you can remove all associated providers to deactivate the account.
  • Only those with Practice Admin rights are able to create Stripe Accounts.


The Short Version

  • Go to Settings > Online Payments tab.
  • Click Create > use the Stripe Account Setup Wizard to complete your details.
    • Repeat this step for all Stripe Accounts required. 
  • Assign your providers to their Stripe Account in their User Settings
  • Monitor for Status updates from Stripe in the Portal Payments tab > Dashboard.
  • Once the Status is Verified, click Activate > Confirm Activation.
  • Your accounts are now active and able to receive payments.  



Go to your Stripe Account Creation dashboard.  

Settings > Patient Portal Settings.



Select the Portal Payments tab.  


Click the Create button to launch and complete the Stripe Account Setup Wizard.  Repeat this step for as many Stripe Accounts as needed.  

Note: If the Stripe Account owner is registered as an Individual or Sole Trader, follow this article to complete the wizard: Stripe Account Setup - Individual/Sole Trader.
Note: If the Stripe Account owner is registered as a Company, follow this article to complete the wizard: Stripe Account Setup - Company.



Link Providers to their correct Stripe Account.  
Note: The first created Stripe Account will be the default for all Doctor user types.  Follow these steps to change the associated account.  


Click on Settings > Users.


Select the Provider user and click the Pencil/Edit icon.2._select_user_edit.png


Select Update & Configure.


Go to the Account Details tab > My Bank Details section, change the drop-down Patient Portal Payments menu to the desired Stripe Account and click Save

Once your Stripe Account Status shows that it has been verified in Portal Payments Dashboard under Patient Portal settings, click ActivateConfirm Activation.  

Important:  Activating your accounts makes them immediately available to patients in the Portal to start paying their outstanding invoices.  Ensure that you have correctly allocated all of your Providers first.  


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