Admin Letter Workflow Tips

Attached below is a document with some quick tips for administrative staff on how to best streamline your letter workflow. The tips provided within the document are also summarised below: 

  1. Ensure the referring GP and interested parties are added to the patient file
    Enter the referring doctor and any interested parties into the patient's demographic file prior to the letter being created, to ensure the To (Referrer) and CC (Interested Parties) fields pre-populate for the doctor creating the letter.
    Letters cannot be re-addressed once they have been created or signed by the doctor.

  2. Pre-populate letters with existing information
    Pre-populate information from the consult into your letters using Tags, such as Reason for Presentation, Previous Issues/Procedures, Background Information, Current Medications, Pathology or Imaging Results, and more.
    Admin staff can edit your templates to include Tags using instructions available here.

  3. Send letters faster via Secure Messaging
    Practices using Secure Messaging can easily search for letter recipients' secure messaging IDs using our integrated directories.
    Instructions on searching for recipients can be found here.

  4. Correcting Voice Recognition transcription
    When editing transcriptions in the Recognised status, ensure the text matches the audio file. This will ensure the Voice Recognition profile can learn to match the doctor's dictation output to the text output.


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