Creating Letters

Follow these steps to create letters within the system for patients/referrers.

Note: A letter must be attached to a patient.

If you are using the New Letter Workflow, please follow the instructions in this area instead.


1: Doctors may create a letter from:

The patient's current consult    mceclip7.png
Letters to Create


The Scheduler



 Select the appointment on the scheduler, then select the Letter icon



This will bring up the letter module.


2. Here you will choose the desired variables:

- Select the template you wish to use.
- Select who you are addressing the letter to.
- Select who you want to CC into the letter. (Note: The CC option doesn't change who the letter is addressed to, it will just create multiple letters in the letter list so you can send them off through secure messaging or print them off separately as required. If you have the correct template tags setup, the CC'd names will appear within the letter).
- Edit the text within the letter as required.

Note: Operation Reports which are attached to letters CANNOT be sent via secure messaging. These must be sent externally from Clinic to Cloud. 

You can then Sign, Create, Signed not Sighted (If activated), Preview, and Cancel.

Create: Keeps this letter in the letters list to edit/sign/send at a later date.
Sign - Signs and puts the letter in the letter list to action by admin/reception.
Signed without sighted - When letter creations or edits have come through from admin and you do not want/need/have time to review the letter, you can advise that you have signed but not sighted the letter within the body of the letter.
Preview - Shows how it will appear when printing.
Cancel - Cancels the current letter and closes out of the module.


3. Once signed, the letter will appear in the letters list for admin/reception to action.


For further details on the Letters List and how to action your letters, see this article: Components of the New Letters List

4. Once the letter is sent, it will appear in the Sent tab. You will also be able to view and print existing letters.

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