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How do I generate a report to show transactions that were paid in a specific payment method for a defined period of time eg last financial year?

In Reports > General Reports >  Item Payments Report you will be able to see payments received in a specific time period based on the payment date. This report can be filtered by payment type and a specific time period can be set. This report can be downloaded to excel as required.


I need a report that will tell me the total amount invoiced for a specific period, not when the payment has been received in the bank (exclusive of GST). 

If you want to see any item (paid or unpaid) you can create an Item Number Service Date report, which will display using the date of service, and if you tick the option for Show Payment Details, it also shows GST, Owing, Payment & Refund. Find this report in Reports > General Reports > Item Number Service Date. 


Which report can I run to find out the GST I have received in a set period?

In Reports > General Reports > GST Items report. This report will show all transactions which include GST for the time period selected. The report can be filtered to show specific doctors, locations and date periods. The report will show line by line transaction with the Item that GST was added to and the amount of GST. This report can be downloaded to excel as required.


Which report do I use to find out my total amount received for a set period?

The Receipt Billing report shows the total amount billed and payments received based on the date of payment. This shows actual amount paid in a set time period. 


How do I get a list of all my debtors?

In Reports > General Reports > Aged Debtors. This report will show the debt per account holder separated by age of debt. If you open out the account holder using the arrow on the left-hand side you will see a breakdown of all debt. Bulk payment can be added by selecting each line item and selecting Bulk Pay. This report can be filtered by the doctor, location, and age.


I want to ensure that all appointments have been invoiced and that none have been missed, how do I find this information?

In Reports > General Reports > Uninvoiced Appointments, you will be able to see all appointments which have not been invoiced.  You can filter this report by certain appointment types and then create an invoice directly from the report. 


How do I export a report?

Once you have filtered and run the report you will see an option to Download Excel. Select this option and your report will be exported in xls format. From here you can manipulate the data further. 


I need to run a report on a regular basis, how do I save all my filters so that I don’t have to select these each time?

When you are happy with all the filtering you have added to the report, select the Save as Favourite option and name your report.


The next time you need to run this report you can add this to the Favourite field and all filters will be added.



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