Adding Allied Health Item Numbers


1. Go to Settings followed by ‘Item Numbers’


2. Select the ‘Allied Health’ tab



3. Use the search field to find the item number that you are looking for.



4. To filter your search based on speciality, click the drop-down arrow to make your selection(s) or choose 'All'.




5. To change the cost or description of your item number, click ‘Edit’


6. Define the ‘Description’ 



7. Define the ‘Charge'



8. Click ‘Save’



9. To create additional variations of this item number, click the drop-down arrow next to the relevant item number and select ‘Create Another’ to repeat the process.


10. Once saved, a drop-down arrow will appear with all related item number details

11. To remove an item number, click the drop-down arrow 
Please note; You cannot remove the original item number


12. Click ‘Delete’


Important note;
> Previously you may have added Allied Health item numbers as a 'non-MBS' item numbers.

Therefore you will find now that these items will be duplicated when you search the item inside the invoice. You are able to remove these items to avoid duplication. To do so follow the link to learn How to add and edit a non Medicare item number

> If you choose not to remove these item numbers, they will still be available for you on the invoice page for manual billing, however you will not be able to process claims.



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