Pending Fee Estimates

Pending Fee Estimates is used to manage your outstanding un-booked quotes/fee estimates for your patients. 


1. After a fee estimate is completed for a patient it will show under the 'Pending Fee Estimates' section.

2. If this is not located on your left panel it will need to be turned on in your practice settings. To do so you will need admin rights. 

3. The fee estimate will sit under the 'Pending Fee Estimate' section until it is linked to an appointment. 

In the 'Pending Fee Estimate' section you can manage these until the practice and patient know when the procedure will be booked. 
Choose your Doctor to show any pending under this provider. You can also filter by choosing the location and procedure. 

mceclip0.png 4. Once the pending fee estimates are displayed, there are a number of action than can be completed.


 mceclip2.pngSend a SMS to the patient.

mceclip3.pngView the fee estimate.

mceclip4.png View appointment history.

mceclip5.pngDelete the fee estimate.


The total value of the pending fee estimate is also displayed at the bottom of the "Fee" column.

5. Once the appointment date is set an appointment with the linked fee estimate will need to be created.
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