How To Import A Fee Estimate Into An Invoice



1. The patient has an appointment on the scheduler with the 'Fee Estimate' linked to the appointment. You will see a link icon in the top left of the appointment. You can click their appointment once to highlight it (it will show a blue line around the appointment if it is highlighted) then click the invoice icon (shown above) 


 2. Click the "Invoice" icon.

The below pop-up will appear. Complete the information based on the Fee Estimate created. If the Fee Estimate was created as an 'In-Patient' and 'Private then the invoice needs to be created the same way. click 'Create from Fee Estimate'. (the Account Holder will display in brackets next to the private option, if this is incorrect you will need to change the account holder in the patients file under Account Info >> Account Holder)

Note: If your fee estimate has expired, you wont be able to import from fee estimate, if this is the case, you will need to edit the fee estimate to a longer expiry period, or recreate.


3. Proceed with the invoice as normal, all information from the Fee Estimate will apply into the invoice. For more information about finishing the invoice go click How to create an invoice


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