The Clinical Journey

Brief Overview

The Clinical Journey provides a holistic, chronological view of the patient's clinical record in Clinic to Cloud. This contains all clinical items related to the patients, and certain non-clinical related items.

The Clinical Journey can be filtered to display only the information that the provider would like to see, and these settings are user-specific. This means that filtering out certain irrelevant items will not affect any other users in the practice. 




The Clinical Journey contains all clinical records for a patient.

Understanding the Clinical Journey


Hovering your mouse over the Record Type icon will display the entry description, and the icon itself will provide an abbreviated form of the Record Type. See the table below for more information. 



Index of Icon Descriptions: 

Certificate_of_Capacity.png Certificate of Capacity - WorkCover Certificates
Quick_Consult.png Quick Consult - Consult records created without an appointment. 
Referral_letter.png Referral - Referrals attached. 
Pathology.png Pathology Result - Result linked to patient. 
Imaging_result.png Imaging Result - Result linked to patient. 
eTasks.png eTask - eTask received/sent regarding this patient. 
Checklist.png Checklist - Clinical checklist created with patient. 
Fee_Estimate.png Fee Estimate - Quote for surgery or other services.

Document - Files uploaded for the patient. 

Letter.png Letter - Incoming or Outgoing letter for the patient
Consult_Notes.png Consult Notes - Regular consultation notes. 
Prescription.png Prescription - Prescription written. 
Vitals.png Vitals Measurement - Measurements of Vitals
Risk_Assessment.png Risk Assessment (Chronic Disease Management)Assessments complete.
Gynaecology_fertility_consult.png Gynaecology & Fertility Consult - Only for Obstetric and Gynaecology practices.
o_and_g.png Obstetric & Gynaecology Consult- Only for Obstetric and Gynaecology practices.
Outbound_SMS.png Outbound SMS (Automated or Manual) - SMS to the patient. 
Pathology_Request.png Pathology Request - Requests for tests.
Imaging_Request.png Imaging Request - Requests for scans or x-rays. 


Printing a Record

All items in the Clinical Journey can be printed by using the Printer icon.

1. Select the item you'd like to print, which will highlight the record in yellow.



2. Click the Printer icon to print the record.



Hiding a Record in the Clinical Journey

If an item has been added to a patient's record by mistake, you may wish to hide a record from their clinical file, as most clinical items cannot be deleted.

1. Click the Hide icon on a record.


2. A grey hue will be displayed against the item.



3. When filtering in the Clinical Journey, you may wish to use the Display Hidden Entries field to either show or hide these items from view. Filtering is discussed in the next section.



Filtering the Clinical Journey

There may sometimes be records of a particular type that you would like to filter out of your Clinical Journey view, so that is less cluttered. Filtering out certain records will not delete them from the patient, but will just hide them from your view. This will only affect your user for each patient, and can be reversed at any time. 


1. Click the Filter icon above the Clinical Journey



2. De-select any items from the Category List of items you do not wish to see within the Clinical Journey



3. Click on Apply



Searching for a Record by Date

If there is a particular item in the Clinical Journey that you are unable to find, you can use the filtering mentioned above, as well as a date field to try to find an item. 

1. Click on the Filter icon at the top of the Clinical Journey



2. Use the filtering options to find the record. 


  • The first date range refers to the date that the record was added to the file. This will be most helpful for records that were created within the practice, such as any consultation notes, referrals, letters etc. 
  • The Collected Date Period refers to when a sample or scan was completed on the patient, in relation to Pathology Requests and Imaging Request
  • The Reported Date Period refers to the date in which an Imaging Result or Pathology Result is received from a laboratory company. 

3. Click on Apply



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