The Clinical Journey

The Clinical Journey shows a chronological overview of the patient.



You can filter the Clinical Journey by selecting the funnel icon:

- You can filter by dates

- Display any hidden entries

- Select which areas of the Clinical Journey you would like to show 

If you then select 'Apply' this will show the filters selected and will save the filters. 



You can select if the Clinical Journey is Descending or Ascending by clicking on 'Date'


You can 'Add Tags' to each entry in the Clinical Journey by selecting 'Add Tag' and free typing and selecting the tick


Each entry in the Clinical Journey can be:

1. Printed by selecting the print icon 

2. Hidden by selecting the eye icon (This would only be done when an entry has been added under the wrong patient)

3. If the entry is a consult you will be able to click on the consult icon to go to that consult







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