Actioning Secure Messages

Brief Overview

When you receive a secure message which is assigned to a provider in your practice, you will be able to action and accept this message from the Assigned Messages or My Messages sections. 


The Short Version

  • Go to Secure Messages > Assigned Messages (admin/reception users) or My Messages (doctor users)
  • Link the patient if unlinked
  • Action the message
  • Accept the message into the patient file



1. Go to Secure Messages > Assigned Messages.


2. Click on the message to activate the actions toolbar. 


3. The toolbar provides actions that can be performed without needing to navigate away from the screen.

  • Link - If the information in the message does not exactly the match a patient in your practice, you will need to manually link the patient. When you click Link we will bring up the closest patient to the information in the message, you can also search for the patient. Click Link to match the patient to the message. 


  • Accept - When you have completed all actions for this message click Accept and the message will move into the patient file under Documents
  • New Patient  - If this patient has not been added to your practice, click the New Patient button and we will pre-fill the mandatory fields. You can add the non-mandatory fields if you have the information. Click Save to create the patient.


  • Quick Consult - As a doctor user you will be able to start a Quick Consult from the message. From here you will be able to add information to the clinical file. 


  • Add Appointment - If you need to book the patient into a new appointment, you can do this by selecting the Add New Appointment option. This will open up the booking screen and pre-fill with the patient. You will just need to confirm the remaining details and click Save.


  • Appointment History - Click on the Appointment History icon to see the patients past and future appointments. You can use this to decide if you need to book an appointment for the patient. 


  • SMS - You can manually SMS a patient straight from the message. We will pre-fill the To field with the patient, you will just need to enter the body of the message. If saved as a favourite you can select this from the Favourites field. Click here to learn more about setting SMS favourites.


  • eTask - Create an eTask straight from the message and assign to another team member or yourself. The To field will default to the provider that the message was sent to and the Patient and Subject will pre-fill. Just add any details, choose a due date, and click Create.


  • Print - Click on the Print icon if you need to print this message.


  • Delete - If you do not need to add this message to a patient file you can delete this. Once saved in the patient file this cannot be deleted. 


 By hovering over or clicking on the message, the original HL7 file can be downloaded.



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