Sent Secure Messages

Brief Overview

When you send a letter via Secure Messaging this will show in the Sent Messages section. From here you can view the message status and resend the message when required. 


The Short Version

  • Send a letter via secure messaging from the Letters List
  • Go to Secure Messages > Sent Messages
  • Check the Message Status to confirm the message has been delivered and acknowledged
  • Resend, view or hide as required



1. From Letters List > Signed tab or Sent tab you can send a letter via secure messaging by clicking on the Send Secure Messaging icon. 


2. The message will then show in Secure Messages > Sent Messages.


3. You will be able to see if your message has been sent in the Message Status column.

4. Any errors will appear in the Error Details column. Note: Common errors are related to the secure messaging information in the contact details, check this information and try resending. 


5. If the message needs to be sent again, do this by clicking the resend icon. mceclip3.png

6. View a message using the mceclip4.png icon, and hide a message using the mceclip5.png icon. Hidden messages will show in the Hidden tab. 



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