Reviewing Speechmike Settings On Google Chrome


  1. Ensure the sound settings is selecting the Speechmike
  2. Ensure the sound settings only has one recording device turned on

(If there is another mic on, simply right click on device and disable)

  1. Ensure the sound setting on Speechmike is between 50-70%

(Refer to Speechmike Setup for Google Chrome document)

  1. Ensure the browser is running on the most up to date version




  1. Ensure the Speechmike is pointing to the browser by going to top right hand side and check permission is “ALLOW” and “Speechmike”



If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, you will need to uninstall Google Chrome and restart PC/laptop. Once you have done this, reinstall Google Chrome and setup new configurations. (Refer to Speechmike Setup for Google Chrome document)


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