Speechmike Setup On Firefox


  1. Connect the Speechmike to the desktop/laptop
  2. Open Firefox and login to Clinic to Cloud
  3. Open a consult or create letter from the scheduler


  1. Select the mode you wish to use  or 
  2. Turn on VR (Voice Recognition)or
  3. Ensure to allow ”Share Selected Device”, and that the correct device is selected


Tips & Trick

  • It’s also important to check the Speechmike setting is correct.

Here are the steps below:

  1. Go to sound setting
  2. Right click on
  3. Select “Recording devices”
  4. Select “Speechmike” then go to “Properties”


  1. Go to “Levels” then move the sound bar to 50-70%



  1. Select “Ok” and “Ok”






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