Using & Understanding the Contacts List

The Contacts List is your central address book for all Contacts and Companies that have been added to your Clinic to Cloud practice. Contacts may be individuals such as referrers, assistants, WorkCover case managers, or any other individual that your practice communicates with.

Companies are generally insurers, other medical practices, suppliers or labs.


Short Version

  • Change the views in the Filters area to adjust the appearance and grouping of Contacts and Companies.
  • Searching allows you to find Contacts and Companies by name, speciality, or Provider Number.
  • Use filters to find Contacts or Companies of a certain type, or that contain particular information.
  • Utilise the Deactivation and Reactivation functionality to keep your Contacts List up to date, and hide inactive records.



Searching for a Contact or Company

If you would like to search your address book for a Contact or Company, please follow the instructions below:

1. Open the Contacts List by clicking the Contacts item on the sidebar. 



2. There are several ways in which you can search. If you are looking for an Individual, you may search by name, provider number, or speciality.
If you are looking for a Company, you may search by name.
If a matching record has been found, it will be displayed in a drop-down menu. Select the appropriate record from the drop-down menu.




4. The contact will then be shown in Contacts List.




Filtering in the Contacts List

Several filters are available within the Contacts List to help you find Contacts and Companies of a particular type, or from a particular location and more. Use the instructions below to use filters in the Contacts List:

1. Open the Contacts List by clicking the Contacts item on the sidebar. 



2. Click Filter My Results to open the filtering options.



3. Select a filter to display results of a certain type:

  • Use the Different Views area to choose between displaying either Companies, Individual, Speciality, Assistant, Referrer.
  • Use the Assistants filter to find Contacts that have previously been added to invoices as an assistant.
  • Use the Referrers filter to find Contacts that have current active referrals attached to patient records in Clinic to Cloud
  • Use the StateSuburb, or Postcode filters to search for Contacts by their Work Location information.
  • Use the Electronic Exchange Providers filters to search for Contacts who have their preferred method of contact set to ArgusMedical Objects, or Healthlink

Adding a Contact or Company Record

You may add a Contact or Company record by clicking the Plus icon beside Contacts on the sidebar, or by clicking Create from within the Contacts List



For more detailed instruction in how to add Contacts and Companies, click here


Deactivating & Reactivating a Contact or Company

If a Company or Contact record is no longer required, you may choose to deactivate the record to prevent it from showing in searches and within the Active Contacts List

1. Hover over the record in the Contacts List, and select Deactivate from the Actions menu.


2. The Contact will move into the Deactivated tab of the Contacts List.


If you would like to reactivate a Company or Contact, you can do so from the Deactivated tab.

1. Open the Deactivated tab within the Contacts List.



2. Hover over the Contact record, and select Activate from the Actions menu. 



3. The Contact will then be available in the Active tab, and able to found in searches throughout Clinic to Cloud.  



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