Secure Messaging Contact Setup

To send correspondence through Secure Messaging to your Contacts, you will need to ensure that your Contacts have their Secure Messaging details saved.
You will need to add their secure messaging details to their Contact by searching the Secure Messaging directories.

You do not need to have a subscription to a Secure Messaging provider to search and import information from the shared Secure Messaging directories.

Note: You can only send correspondence to contacts who use the same Secure Messaging provider that you use. E.g. If you are using Healthlink you can only send secure messages to contacts who also use Healthlink.


The Short Version

  • Add a new Contact or edit an existing Contact.
  • Search the Secure Messaging directories for the Contact.
  • Click Save.
  • Send letters electronically through Secure Messaging.


1. Click on Contacts on the side-bar.



2. Search for the Contact and click on the Update button beside the Contact, or click Create.



3. Select a Secure Messaging provider from the Select Provider drop-down or select All to search the combined databases of all providers.


5. Type the provider's first or last name into the Search field.


6. If a match is found, select the provider from the drop-down list. 



7. Their details will then be automatically populated from the selected database/s. 



8. Fill in any empty fields with information for the provider. 

9. Ensure that the provider's correct Preferred Method of Communication is selected from the drop-down menu.

i) If you have a subscription to Medical ObjectsArgus, or Healthlink, and have chosen to import the provider's details from their database, then the Preferred Method of Communication will automatically be set to that provider. The format for sending will also automatically be set to those compatible with the receiving platform (PDFPlain Text, or RTF). 

ii) If you do not have a subscription to Medical ObjectsArgus, or Healthlink, but you have used their database to import the provider's contact details, then their Preferred Method of Communication will automatically be set to Post - Letter. This is to avoid errors at the time of sending the letter.


10. Click Save.


11. You will now be able to send letters via Secure Messaging to this contact.


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