Adding a Location - Minor ID per Practice

Note:  This article is intended for Clinic to Cloud customers whose Start Date was on or after 25th September 2020.  If you started prior to this date, please see read this article.  


Brief Overview

This article explains how to add a new Location for a Provider.  You may need to contact Medicare to request a new Provider Number if required.  


The Short Version

  • Go to Settings > Location > click Add New Location > fill in the details > click Create.
  • Go to Settings > Users > select user to Edit > click Update & Configure.
  • Select Provider Number > select Location > click Edit > fill in the details > click Update.



Create the Location

1. Go to Settings > Locations.


2. Select Add New Location.


3. Fill in the Location Info tab.  

Note: All fields with a red * are mandatory.


4. Go to the Scheduler Settings tab and update details as required.  When all the information has been entered, click Create

4._fill_in_schedule.pngAdd the Location to the Provider

1. Go to Settings > Users.


2. Select user to Edit > click Update & Configure.


3. Select Provider Number tab > choose the Location > click Edit.


4. Fill in the required information > click Update.


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