Saving the Patient Portal as a Bookmark in Google Chrome

Brief Overview

This guide explains how to add a Patient Portal bookmark to Google Chrome, for easy access when logging in. 


The Short Version

  1. Open the Patient Portal Login Page in Google Chrome.
  2. Click the Bookmark button to save the URL.
  3. Name your bookmark.
  4. Click the bookmark via your bookmarks list, or bookmarks bar (if using) to open the portal.



  1. Open the Patient Portal Login Page in Google Chrome.

  2. Click the Star icon on your address bar to add a new Bookmark.

  3. Provide a name for your new Bookmark.

  4. Click the Done button to save the Bookmark.

  5. If you have your Bookmarks Bar enabled, then you will see your new Bookmark underneath your Address Bar.

  6. If you are not using your Bookmarks Bar, you can access your Bookmarks Menu via the three dots icon (ellipses icon) to the right of your Address Bar.

  7. Selecting your Bookmark from this menu will open the relevant page in Google Chrome.


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