Doctor's Guide to the Voice Recognition Workflow


Brief Overview

This article is a reference for doctors creating letters using the benefits of the Clinic to Cloud Voice Recognition integration. See below headings for contents:


Getting Started

To ensure letters are created as quickly as possible, it is important that the below steps are followed. For any uncertainty on the below, please speak to your admin staff, who can refer to the Admin's Guide to the Voice Recognition Workflow for instructions to configure the below correctly.

1. Admins have added the Referrer and Interested Parties to the patient's file prior to their appointment. This will default the To and CC fields on the letter when created.

2. The Dictation Letter template is marked as the default by the admin staff, to ensure your preferred dictation letter is selected when you create dictation letters.

3. The Dictation Letter template includes all patient information, so that you only need to dictate clinical information.

4. Determine whether you would like your admins to Sign on your behalf after correcting the letter, or have the letter returned to you for final sign-off after dictation correction. To enable Sign not Sighted, click here.

Types of Dictation modes

Clinic to Cloud Voice Recognition offers two dictation modes: Typist mode and Self mode




1. Typist Mode 

Dictate letters into a recorded audio file and converted text, for admins to review and edit. 

  mceclip11.png    mceclip1.png

2. Self Mode 

Dictate letters into text which appears on the screen in realtime for the doctor to edit before signing.

   mceclip10.png     mceclip1.png



Doctor App

On the Doctor App, configure the Voice Recognition mode in Settings > Recognition mode.

We recommend Typist for all users who are new to Voice Recognition. 





Dictating letters from the web browser

1. Doctors may create a letter from:

The patient's current consult    mceclip7.png
Letters to Create



The Scheduler



 Select the appointment on the scheduler, then select the Letter icon



2. Select your preferred mode of dictation

Select the microphone icon for Typist mode







Select the envelope icon for Self mode

From within the template, place your cursor where you'd like to dictate, and select the microphone icon





3. Add any additional parties to the To or CC fields as required.

4. Check the correct template is selected.

5. Record your dictation.



Dictation Tips

  • For a list of dictation commands to use, click here.
  • Where possible, avoid dictating patient names and use letter tags in your templates to include any non-clinical information.
  • Speak with your usual pace and tone. The voice recognition software will use predictive learning to adjust to your natural speaking rhythm and nuances. 


5. To request your admin staff edit and send the letter back to you for review, select Create. To enable your admin to send the letter after reviewing it without your final sign-off, select Sign not sighted.


Doctors can also sign and send their own letters from the Letters List > Recognised letters.



Dictating letters from the Doctor App

For instructions to download the Doctor App, click here.

1. Doctors may create a letter from:

Within the patient's clinical consult    mceclip17.png
Letters to Create






2. Add any recipients if needed, and select the correct dictation template.



3. Click Record to dictate directly into the smartphone.

When using Typist mode, doctors may replay or Re-record the dictation, and send. 


When using Self mode, the doctor will see the text appear on the screen and must edit each individual word which required editing before sending the letter.










Your To-Do List: Letters to Create

From the Scheduler, you can view your outstanding Letters to Create.

All appointment types for which you have determined require a letter will be listed here until they are created, to ensure you never miss creating a required letter.

To dictate a letter from Letters to Create, select the microphone icon (Typist mode) or envelope icon (Self mode). 



To delete a letter from the Letters to Create, simply select the rubbish icon on the letter. 



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