Voice Recognition Fact Sheet

Important Facts

  • Typist Mode (Typist.png) will allow doctors to dictate a letter into text and save the recording directly within the Patient’s file for the admin staff to edit. The referring and interested parties will be automatically populated into the default letter template. In Typist Mode, the VR updates the dictionary once the admin has edited the text and selected ‘Create letter from recognised text’.
  • Correct mistakes individually. When correcting the VR, it’s important not to erase all information and rewrite the entire paragraph, as this confuses the learning algorithm and can decrease the accuracy of the VR. Instead, erase and correct individual words or grammatical errors individually. 
  • Building VR accuracy takes time and consistency. After editing and creating approximately 2 hours worth of dictation, the VR accuracy will be optimal. 
  • Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. VR will learn your preferred syntax style, which it frequently hears through repeated sentence structure within your dictations. The VR will add new words to your custom dictionary after the 3rd time it is used. 
  • Clinic to Cloud VR uses medical terminology. Focus your dictations on diagnosis/symptoms/assessment. Avoid dictating patient names, as the VR is not designed to learn patient names and can lead to dictation inaccuracies. 
  • View the VR commands here.


Note: Self Mode

In Self Mode (Self.png), the VR dictation will appear in real time on the screen as the doctor dictates. The doctor then corrects their own dictation, however, this is usually less practical as the editing must be done in the single sitting to maintain VR accuracy. We recommend the use of Typist Mode and having admin staff check and create letters on the doctor’s behalf to maintain VR accuracy.

In Self Mode, the VR updates the dictionary once the doctor has completed the dictation, edited the text, and selects ‘OK’.



Note: Phone Auto Correction

When dictating into the Clinic To Cloud App, please note that the auto-correct function may change spelling or syntax, and if saved without checking, VR may learn incorrectly. Please be sure to double check your dictations if self-correcting. Clinic to Cloud voice recognition uses UK English medical dictionary, however please take note; most auto-correct systems use US English.


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