The Gynecology/Fertility Consult

General Overview

Once the Practice Details and Provider Settings have been updated (refer to How to Enable the Obstetrics/Gynecology Modules), patients can be booked in for Gynecology & Fertility appointments. When starting a consult, a Gynecology & Fertility Consult menu option is displayed which, when clicked, will open a consult screen with features and data entry fields that are specific to the specialty.

Please note that gynecology/fertility consults can only be opened for female patients.


The Short Version

  • Receptionists will book patient appointments with the Consult Type set to 'Gynecology/Fertility Consult'
  • When starting the consult, click on the menu option 'Gynecology & Fertility Consult' in the clinical screen
  • If this is the patient's first consult, the Initial Visit screen will be displayed.
    In the one screen, all patient history and current consult details can be entered (including Past Obstetric History) and Pathology and Imaging Requests can be created.
  • The patient's second consult will display the Visit #1 screen which is designed for entering follow-up consult details. Each subsequent follow-up consult will be sequentially numbered (Visit #2, Visit #3 etc.)


Double-click on the Gynecology/Fertility appointment in your schedule.

When the patient clinical file appears, click on the Gynecology/Fertility Consult menu option to open the consult screen.


If this is the patient's first consult, the Initial Visit screen will be displayed.


Beyond the 'Initial Visit' consult, each successive consult will be entitled 'Visit #1', 'Visit #2 etc. and will have fewer consult text boxes. Details of previous consults can be conveniently viewed by scrolling down towards the bottom of the screen.


  1. On the left-hand side of the screen, the area with the blue background is designed for entering patient reference information. The information entered here is permanently displayed and can be updated in each successive consult.

    1. Clicking on a + button next to a field will allow you enter sentences or paragraphs that are repeatedly entered for the majority of patients.
    2. Click the Add Item button, enter the text and then click the tick button to save.
    3. Once saved, the entire text can be recalled and inserted into a field simply by typing the first few letters of the block of text. 


  2. In the middle of the screen are consult text boxes for entering info related to the current consult (consult text boxes for the Initial Visit and subsequent consults are shown below). The plus buttons have the same function as described above.


    1. The Past Obstetric History feature in the 'Initial Visit' consult displays at-a-glance counters for easy reference. Click on the 'Previous Pregnancy' button to add history.


    2. Scroll down towards the bottom of the screen to view results of ultrasounds. To add new results, click on the 'Add Ultrasound Results' button


    3. The buttons at the top of the screen provide the following features: SMS the patient, Operation Report, Add/Manage Recalls, Appointment History and Finish Consult.

      For further details on these features, refer to the following articles:

      Consult Icons
      How to Finish a Consult

    4. Details entered in any previous consults for the current patient can be viewed in the Gynaecology & Fertility History screen by clicking the button on the left-hand side of the screen


  3. On the right-hand side of the screen, the area with a grey background is for creating Lab Requests (for details of this feature, refer to Create a Pathology Request and Create an Imaging Request) and entering Lab Results.

    All entered Lab Results can be viewed in tabular format in the Investigation History screen by clicking the button on the left-hand side of the screen.

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