Your Training Practice

Should you choose to get a head start on learning the Clinic to Cloud product, your team will be given access to a Training Practice, with targeted Training Manuals to refer to prior to your training sessions with your Customer Success Advisor.

Expect the following: 

  Training Practice Logins

Your Customer Success Advisor will send a username and password to login to the Training Practice.

  Training Manuals

Use the below Training Manuals to learn at your own pace! Be assured, we will schedule further Training Sessions with your practice to learn more.

  Training Practice Rules

Clinic to Cloud would like to respectively request your practice to follow the below house rules to ensure this Training Practice remains useful to all our users: 

  • This is a public forum - please do not use coarse language or explicit images
  • Try not to use the words ‘test’ or ‘fake
  • Try not to use ‘jibberish’ when adding phone numbers, emails, notes etc. 



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