Your Onboarding Spreadsheet

Please download and complete the attached Onboarding Spreadsheet at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions please reach out to your Customer Success Advisor and once complete return to them via email. 

The Onboarding Spreadsheet will collect the following information: 

  Practice Details

Enter your Practice Details, Appointment Types, Non-MBS Item Numbers, Procedure Names (if relevant) and answer additional set up questions.


Enter all locations your doctors will be working at, including Clinics and Hospitals. 

  Users & Roles

Enter all users within your practice that will require a login to your Clinic to Cloud practice. 

  Doctor Details

Please specify the following under the applicable 'Doctor Name': 

  • Specialty
  • Medical Registration Number
  • Prescriber Number
  • Provider Numbers
  • Private Fees
  • Favourite Item Numbers

  Doctor Schedules

Please specify the following under the applicable 'Doctor Name', before completing the scheduler: 

  • Scheduler Increments
  • When does week 1 start? - for doctors with a fortnightly or monthly roster/schedule

Once you have completed the above, under the correct week, specify the start/finish times, location and categories along each day under the right week. 



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