Using Easyclaim with an Integrated Tyro Terminal

Brief Overview

A Tyro terminal integrated with your Clinic to Cloud practice can be used to claim on behalf of the patient with EasyclaimEasyclaim requests the immediate processing of a claim and, if successful, the rebate is credited to the patient's savings or cheque account (not credit) when they present their EFTPOS card.

Note: There are a number of Medicare restrictions that prevent Tyro Easyclaim from successfully processing some claims (see below).

If an Easyclaim transaction is rejected it may be that the MBS items you selected are affected by these restrictions.  In that case, click the Save & Claim or Claim button instead.


Medicare Restrictions

  • Claim includes MBS and Non-MBS items
  • Claim date of service exceeds 2 years
  • Claim has non-standard referral
  • Complex pathology item numbers
  • DVA Claims
  • Items require notes or services text in explanation | example LSPN items
  • Items require separate site information | exception 30061, 30071, 30192, 30195
  • Items charged exceed $9,999.99
  • Multiple attendance or In-hospital services & item numbers | 4, 24, 35 etc
  • Patient is under 18
  • Self-Deemed services
  • Updated Immunisation Record


The Short Version 

With an integrated Tyro terminal:

  • Create a new outpatient invoice and add the relevant MBS item(s).
  • Receipt the patient's payment in the Payment section of the invoice.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Easy Claim.
  • Follow the prompts in Clinic to Cloud and on the Tyro terminal.



1.  Create the invoice with the required item numbers. 


2.  In the Payment section of the invoice, enter the amount to be paid in the appropriate payment method field.

Payment can also be made by EFTPOS using the Tyro terminal.payment1.png


3.  Once payment has been made and recorded in the invoice, click Save.



4.  Click the Easy Claim button at the bottom of the screen.


5.  In the Easy Claim popup window, select your location, terminal, and payment account. Click Start Transaction.



6.  Whilst the claim is being processed, the following will be displayed on the screen and on the terminal.




7.  If the claim is successful, the following message will be displayed on the screen (see screenshot below). 




8. Ask the patient to swipe, insert or tap their EFTPOS card, and enter their PIN when prompted on the terminal.



9.  Ask the patient to select their Savings or Cheque account (not Credit, as this is not supported).



10.  Once the transaction has been processed, the following message will appear.



11.  The successful claim will automatically be displayed in the Patient Claim tab of the invoice.



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