Submitting an Extras Cover Claim via Tyro

Brief Overview

Using the Tyro Integration you can submit Extras Cover claims within Clinic to Cloud. This reduces manual entry and typing errors, by calculating the gap amount, and showing the Transaction History at the bottom of the invoice. 

Note: You must have integrated your Tyro Terminal before being able to submit Extras cover claims using the Tyro integration. 


The Short Version

  • Add item numbers to your invoice
  • Click Calculate
  • Start Transaction
  • Follow on-screen instructions
  • Click Pay to take add gap payment if required
  • Cancel claim if required



1. On your invoice, search for the billing items you wish to invoice. 


2. Click the Calculate button.


Note: The Extras Cover button will only illuminate if an appropriate extras item has been added to an invoice.


3. Complete the mandatory* sections provided and click on Start Transaction to begin.



4. Follow the steps provided on the screen and swipe the patients health fund membership card on the Tyro terminal.


5. Based on the patients eligibility, any gap payment requirements will be displayed.

At this point, you may choose to accept or reject the claim.



6. Click Close to return to your invoice.



Processing Gap Payments

1. If there is a gap payment to be paid, add the amount to the appropriate payment type based on how the patient wishes to cover the remainder.

2. Click Save.

3. Transaction details will be displayed on the bottom of your invoice.


Cancelling a Claim

An already accepted and processed claim can be cancelled up until 12:00am on the same day of the claim. You will require the patients private health insurance membership card in order to do this.

Upon returning to the invoice, where the original claim has been processed, the Calculate button will now be replaced with a Cancel option.

1. Click Cancel to begin the process.mceclip5.png

2. Complete the mandatory* sections providedmceclip3.png

3. Click Start Transaction to begin. mceclip6.png 

4. Follow the steps provided on the screen, swipe the patient's private health insurance card on the Tyro terminal. 


5. Choose Yes or No to print a patient copy.


6. Click Close to return to your invoice.


7. Once processed, the claim cancellation details will be displayed in the transaction history. 


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