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Brief Overview

When you receive lab results into Clinic to Cloud, as a provider you will need to action these results. All results are actioned from the My Lab Results section.  


When you receive lab results from your imaging and pathology companies, they will go into Lab Results > My Lab Results, and you will receive an orange notification to alert you to these new results.

Note: Only results which match the provider name directly will be added to My Lab Results. All results which do not directly link to a provider name will go into the Unassigned Lab Results section for the admin to assign to the provider manually. 


When you receive new lab results, you can action them in the following ways:

1. Link- click the link button and select the relevant patient, then click Link.


2. Accept- if there is nothing to action, you can click Accept, and the results will move out of your My Lab Results and into the patient's file.


3. Accept & Publish- if you are using the patient portal, you can click Accept & Publish, and the patient will be able to view these results on their portal.

Learn how to set up the Patient Portal here.

4. New Patient- if the patient has never been to your practice, you can add them as a new patient. You will be able to action the result further.


5. Quick Consult- if you need to make clinical notes relating to these results, you can click the quick consult button and do a quick consult


6. SMS- if you want to send the patient an SMS regarding these results, you can click the SMS button to send a manual SMS


7. e-Task- to create an e-Task relating to these results, click the e-Task button, and assign it to the relevant person. Leave the To field blank to assign it to yourself if you need to action it at a later date.


8. Print- you can print the results by clicking the printer icon.


9. Delete- you can delete the results by clicking the bin icon.


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