Configuring Provider Templates

Brief Overview

There are two types of clinical templates that can be added for providers. Clinical Checklists allow doctors to record answers to questions they must ask of patients regularly, or can act as a way of recording stages of a patient's recovery, and more. Providers may also have their own Document and Letter templates added into their settings, so that these templates are only shown to the Doctor to whom they belong, and their administrative staff.

Both of these template types are user-specific, and are added directly into the provider's settings by either the Doctor User themselves, or a Practice Admin user. 


Short Version

  • If logged in as a Doctor User visit Settings > My Settings.
  • If logged in as a Practice Admin, visit Settings > Users > Click Edit on the Provider > Update & Configure.
  • Open the Templates tab. 
  • Click Add Template or Add Checklist Template.
  • Create the template as required.
  • Click Save or Update.



1. If logged in as a Doctor User, open Settings > My Settings. Skip to step 4. 



2. If logged in as a Practice Admin User, open Settings > Users



3. Click on the Edit icon beside the provider, and click on Update & Configure




4. Enter the Templates tab. 



Clinical and Document Templates

Creating a template within a provider's settings rather than in the central list will ensure that this template is only used by the provider themselves. If provider-specific templates are to be added or changed, then the user must be either a Doctor or Practice Admin in order to open and edit the template. Provider-specific templates aren't shown practice-wide, to show only items that are specific to that provider, and to minimise mistakes when writing letters. 


1. Click Add Template.



2. Select a type of template from the Type drop-down menu. 



3. Enter a name into the field provided.



4. Use the letter editor tools to create the template as required. You can find instructions on creating templates using Tags here. 


5. Click Create




Clinical Checklists

These Checklists are applied during a consultation, and are usually clinical questions that are asked of a patient. A checklist can be helpful to ensure you are collecting all of the required information from a patient at various stages during their clinical journey, or for other purposes. An example of one such Clinical Checklist can be found below:



1. Click on Add Checklist Template.



2. Provide a name for your Checklist



3. Click Add New Template Item



4. For each question that you would like the patient to answer, you will need to create a new template item. The Item Name is the question, you can then select the type of answer you would like the patient to provide by selecting the Type of Item dropdown.


If you select an item from the below list you will need to enter the values that you would like the patient to choose from, separated by pressing Enter on your keyboard. Some example options available for selection can be found below:

  • Multiselect (patient may choose multiple items).
  • Dropdown List (patient may select one item from a drop-down menu).
  • Checkbox List (patient may tick multiple relevant items).
  • Radio Button List (patient may select only one item from the list).



5. Click Create.


6. Repeat steps 3-5 for any remaining questions.


7. When all questions have been added, click Create



Once a template has been created, it can then be applied during a consult with a patient. For more information on this, please view this article.


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