Configuring Provider Templates

Go to Settings > My Settings > Templates



Checklist Templates

You can create checklist templates here which you can then load into your consult. 

1. Select 'Add New Checklist'


2. Type your 'Checklist Name'


3. Select 'Add New Template Item'

4. Type the checklist item

5. Select the 'Type of Item' this will define how you can answer the checklist during the consult. 


6. If you would like to define set values in the checklist add these under 'Values' and separate each value with an Enter on the keyboard. 

7. Select 'Create' to add the item

8. Once all items are added select 'Create' to save the checklist

This checklist will then be available in the Consult. 


Document Templates

You can create your own clinical templates here which will only be available for you.

To Set a Letter as Default

1. Find the template you would like to set as your default

2. Click the pencil

3. Click the check box 'Default'








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