Including Pathology and Imaging Results in Templates

When you want laboratory results to appear on your letters you need to make sure the relevant tag is added to the template before you create the letter. 


1. Go to Settings > Templates 


2. Choose clinical letter template you would like results to be added to and click the pencil to edit.



3. In the tag list on the left of the page there is a drop down called 'Lab Results'.




4.  Select on the template where you would like the results to appear on the template (Usually at the bottom) Click the tag for pathology or imaging or both if you would like both added.




5. Save the document.


6. When you create a new letter and select the template with the tags with these tags you will get an extra box appear when you have the option to add the pathology results to the letter. Select from the patients pathology or imaging results by checking the box and then select insert. 




7. The results will appear wherever you have placed the tags on a template.


8. Complete your letter as normal.


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