Overview of Commonly Used Icons

Along the top of your Clinic to Cloud scheduler page you will notice a line of small icons. These are commonly used icons that you will use on a daily basis. 

Admin and Reception Log in


1. Waiting List 
How to add a patient to the waiting list
How To manage the Waiting List (cancellation list)

2. Recalls  
How to recall your patient


3. Add New Appointment
How to book a new patient appointment
How to book an existing patient appointment

4. Appointment History 
How to search a patient's appointment history

5. Send SMS
How to send a manual SMS

6. Schedule Review
How to view more than a week of the schedule

7. Edit Schedule Category 
How to edit your schedule from the scheduler page

8. Invoice History
How to find a patients invoice history

9. Fee Estimate History 
How to find a patients fee estimate history

10. Waiting
How to arrive a patient into the waiting room 

11. New Document

12. New Deposit
How to add a deposit against a patient

13. Patient Label 
How to print a patient label

14. New Letter

15. Clinical File 
How to view a patients clinical file

16. Invoice
How to create an invoice

17. Procedure Fee/Fee Estimate
How to create A Fee Estimate








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