Quick Change to Scheduler Category

From time to time you might need to change the Doctor's schedule but don't want to change the whole week, it may just be a few hours.

In a practice things can change very quickly. The Doctor might be consulting all day but then gets urgently called to the hospital for surgery. 

'Edit Scheduler Category' icon is located at the top left of your scheduler page 


1. Highlight the time on the schedule that you are wanting to change by clicking on the start time and dragging your mouse until the finish time of the new category

2. Click the 'Edit Scheduler Category' icon 


3. Choose the new category from the list provided (To add more How to Add/Edit a Scheduler Category)  that you would like to change the schedule to then click 'Create'

4. Once you have changed your category it will reflect on the scheduler with the new colour and category.



1. You cannot use the 'Edit Scheduler Category' if you are on All Locations. You will need to choose the location from the drop down at the top of your page before trying to edit 

2. The schedule cannot be changed for the past, only the future 


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