Logging back into Xero

Brief Overview

If you have been logged out of Xero due to a software update or another reason, then you can follow the instructions in this guide to log back into Xero

You can only log back into Xero while logged in as a Practice Admin user. 


Short Version

  • Open Settings > Xero Settings.
  • Click Authorise
  • Log into Xero in the new window
  • Double-check your Xero settings.
  • Your financial information will then be exported successfully. 



1. Open Settings > Xero Settings



2. Click Authorise.



3. Log into Xero in the new window that will open.



4. Double-check that all of your account mapping from Clinic to Cloud to Xero is correct within the Xero Settings window in Clinic to Cloud



5. Click Force Start Invoices Sync to ensure the connection has been retained.



6. Your information will begin exporting to Xero again. 


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