Creating Effective Reports

Reporting can help a practice make prompt decisions and plan for future improvements. It is also a means of internal communication within the practice. 

Clinic to Cloud offers reports to discover the following: 


To access all these reports, go to  Reports > General Reports.



Item Number Service Date


  1. Identify which item numbers have been billed and when 
  2. Know what types of appointments are commonly being made
  3. Adjust services to suit your practice's needs

Item Number Payments


  1. Identify the amount each item numbers has generated
  2. Know which item numbers are commonly used 
  3. Adjust services to suit your practice's needs

Cancellation Reasons


  1. Discover frequently used cancellation reasons
  2. Learn patient patterns
  3. Adjust appointment confirmation methods to minimise cancellation 

Unpaid Invoices


  1. Track outstanding invoices
  2. Stay on top of outstanding invoices
  3. Action outstanding invoices

Aged Debtors


  1. Track account holders with an outstanding balance
  2. Have the ability to bulk pay for an account holder
  3. Identify claiming issues

Uninvoiced Appointments


  1. Find appointments that have not been invoiced
  2. Ensure no appointments have been missed
  3. Adjust processes to meet your practice's requirements

Lab Requests with No Results


  1. Chase lab companies on pending results 
  2. Ensure all lab results have been assigned to the doctor
  3. Provide patients with confidence in your practice



  1. Identify which referrers have referred your practice the most 
  2. Know how much each referrer has helped your practice generate
  3. Send a gift to say 'thank you' to the deserved referrers

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