Invoicing Without a Referral


When a new invoice is created for a patient, if the patient does not have a referral available in their patient file, the Referral Status will default to 'Referrer Unavailable' (previously 'Provide Later').  As detailed below, safeguards have been put in place to help avoid claims being rejected due to patients not having a valid referrer. 

In situations where invoices with MBS items are not required to have a referrer, simply change the Referral Status to 'Not Required'.  


Invoices Without a Referral and Without MBS Items

If no MBS items have been added to the invoice, the available actions are Save, Save & Close and Save & Print.

Invoices Without a Referral and With MBS Items

When MBS Items have been added to the invoice, the actions Save, Save & Close and Save & Print are available.  But when claiming a warning will display. 

1. For Bulk Bill, DVA & Eclipse invoice types, when a claim is created, the following warning message will be displayed.  This is to help ensure that a future claim with this invoice will be successful. A link to the invoice is available for edits.

2.  On a private invoice type, If Save & Claim is clicked, the following warning message will be displayed and no further action can be taken until the requested changes are made.  Once again, this is to ensure that claims are not unnecessarily rejected.


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