Creating a Bulk Bill Invoice for Multiple Patients

NEW FEATURE: When creating a 'DVA' or 'Bulk Bill' invoice. In the 'Add New Item' popup window when billing multi-patient MBS items, an additional drop-down field is now available to allow you to specify the number of patients that a provider has attended to in a visit (e.g. at a nursing home). 

1. Create a Bulk Bill or DVA invoice as normal 

2. When adding a Billing Item in the invoice, if the item is applicable to the multi patient billing MBS rule a 'Number of Patients Attended' drop-down field will display.  


3. Select the number of patients and the invoice will calculate the correct rebate according to the patient number selected. You will notice the total number of patients attended will display above the notes field. This information will be sent in your claim.


4. Click 'Add Item' to add the item to the invoice. 


5. Follow the steps above for any applicable additional item numbers and patients that were attended to.

6. Once your invoice/s are complete, submit your claim/s to Medicare/DVA

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