Practice Middleware Troubleshooting Guide

If you are experiencing issues with your practice middleware, please review the below items to see if that resolves them. If not please contact


Results are not coming into my Clinic to Cloud practice through Middleware

  1. Please ensure you have the software running. In Mac you would search for the Clinic to Cloud Practice Middleware software indicated by a blue clinic to cloud Logo. 
  2. Ensure you are logged into the software. When you open the software, if it asks for your login details, this means you are not logged in and are required to do so.
  3. Ensure your antivirus software or firewalls are not blocking Practice Middleware. You will need to check with your IT, or the antivirus permissions.
  4. Ensure you haven't moved or changed the folders that were originally created for the pathology/imaging/scans. When the software is originally setup, it will be linked to folders created on your computer. Confirm that the folder paths are still correct. If they are not, please reselect them by clicking "Choose Folder" and direct them to the correct location of those folders.


Scans/Results  are being duplicated during the upload

  1. Check that the scanner isn't creating multiple copies of the scans.
  2. Check that the "Archive" folder is not in one of the subfolders. The Archive Folder needs to be within the main folder and not inside one of the subfolders. If it is, move it back out of the subfolder and into the main C2C folder, and ensure the software pathing is correct for the archive section.

If you needed to reinstall and setup Practice Middleware, please follow the attached guide:
MAC = 

PC = 

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