eTask Management (Android)

To go to your eTasks go to the 3 line icon on the top left of the app and select 'eTasks'



To add an eTask

1. Click on the plus sign


2. Add subject and notes with free text


3. Select 'Due Date'

4. Select if the eTask is urgent

5. You can remove the patient from the eTask or change which patient it is for my clicking the cross next the the patient name

6. You can create a 'Quick Consult' by clicking the icon next to the patient name

7. Choose 'Assignee' from users

7. Select 'Attach' if you would like to attach a file to the eTask

6. Choose an 'Action' for this eTask

9. Click 'Save' and the eTask will be sent


You can then view:

- Due eTasks under 'Due and Urgent'

- All of your eTasks under 'My eTasks'

- Any eTasks you have assigned to other users under 'Sent'

- All completed eTasks under 'Completed'

You can reply into an eTask by clicking on the specific eTask and adding any updates then clicking 'Save'



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