Printing Patient Labels

Brief Overview

To print labels in Clinic to Cloud, you need to connect your computer and Clinic to Cloud to a label printer (such as a Dymo Label Printer). 

To set up your label maker, follow the instructions found in the links below, respective to your computer operating system: 
Setting Up Printing Middleware for MAC OS X
Setting Up Printing Middleware for PC



Short Version

  • Set up your label printer using Printing Middleware
  • Configure a Label Template in Settings > Printing Templates
  • Click the Patient Label icon in the SchedulerPatient Demographic Window or Patient List
  • Select the fields to print and the number of copies needed.
  • Click Print



There are multiple locations where you may print a label. Please review the locations below, and then follow the instructions explaining how to print the label. 


From the Scheduler 

1. If the patient has an appointment on the Scheduler, highlight the patient appointment, then click the Patient Label icon. 



2. If the patient doesn't have an appointment click the Patient Label icon, and search for and select the required patient from the Print Labels For field. 



From the Patient List 

1. Open the Patient List from the sidebar. 



2. Search for and select the patient you would like to print a label for. 



3. Click the downward drop-down arrow next to the patient name, and choose Print Label.

From the Patient Demographic Window

1. Click the label icon in the top right-hand corner of the Demographic window. 



The instructions from here are the same regardless of where the Patient Label icon was clicked:

1. If you have configured a Label Template, select the template from the Favourites menu.



Note: If you would like to configure a Label Template, please review this article


2. Select the number of labels you would like to print. 



3. If you would like to print labels for multiple patients, Contacts or Companies, you can search for and select them in the Print Labels For field. 



4. Select any additional fields you would like to print using the tick boxes provided.



5. Click Print



6. The labels will then print from the printer configured in your Printing Middleware


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