Waiting Room Setup

To turn the waiting room on:

1. Go to Settings > Practice Details > General. 


2. In 'General Settings' tick the 'Allow Waiting Room' checkbox and click 'Save'

3. The waiting room will now be visible on the left side toolbar.

4. Go to Settings > Define Your C2C


5. Selecting 'Waiting Room Names' in the drop down.

6. Select 'Add Item'


7. Type the name of the waiting room and click the tick to save. Add as many waiting room names as needed.

8. Select 'Waiting Room Workflow' in the drop down.

9. Select 'Add Item'

10. Add workflow name and colour and click 'Save', the colour is used to distinguish the status of each patient in the waiting room. Add all workflows here which will you need in the waiting room.




The waiting room is set up and now ready to use. 




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