Validation Error: Patients with failed age validation

Brief Overview

When a patient claim is submitted to Medicare in a private invoice, it will provide the following error if the patient is under 14 years old and does not have a parent or guardian over 18 as the account holder.


This error can be resolved by ensuring the below items are complete:

  • The parent/guardian must be a patient in the system and must be verified.
  • The parent/guardian must be added as Account Holder in the minor’s demographics.

The Short Version

  • Add the Account Holder in the minor's demographics
  • Verify the minor and parent/guardian
  • Resubmit the claim



1. At the top of the invoice select Edit Patient.


2. Click Edit and go to the Account Info tab.


3. If the parent/guardian has already been created as a patient search the name in the Account Holder field.


4. If the parent/guardian needs to be added click on New Person to add them.


Enter all mandatory fields and ensure that the Medicare No field is added with the parent/guardian Medicare details. Click Save.


5. The Account Holder should now show as the parent/guardian. Click Save on the patient file. 


Note: The patient will be verified when you click save, any errors must be addressed to ensure claims can be submitted. 

6. You will need to ensure that the parent/guardian is also verified to successfully submit the claim. Go to Patients on the left-hand side toolbar.


Search the patient name and click View to open the file. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the patient name and select Edit


Click Save, the parent/guardian details will then be verified, any errors must be addressed to ensure claims can be submitted. 

7. Go back to the invoice and submit the claim. 



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