Operation Reports

Brief Overview

An Operation Report can be created from a patient appointment or in the cases of emergency can be created from the scheduler by searching the patient name. Once completed the Operation Report will be saved into the patient Clinical File.

Note: Operation Reports which are attached to letters CANNOT be sent via secure messaging. These must be sent externally from Clinic to Cloud. 


The Short Version

  • Create an Operation Report from the consult screen or scheduler
  • Enter information for all 3 tabs - Main Info, Details and Files
  • Save as Favourite for next time
  • Save into the Clinical File



The Operation Report icon  will be visible under the doctor login from the Clinical Journey screen for the patient.


Alternatively the Operation Report icon is also active from the scheduler screen for users with doctor access. If the patient is on the scheduler you can click on the appointment and select the icon. If the patient is not on the scheduler you can click the icon and search the patient name. 



Once the icon is clicked the Operation Report window will open, this includes three tabs:

1. Main Info tab; Information for this tab is automatically populated from the booked procedure. If any of the fields need to be updated due to changes during the procedure this can be done here. 

If the Item Numbers have changed since creating the Fee Estimate you can select Change Billing Items and update the numbers here. This will then automatically update the invoice when this is created, reducing time spent manually updating the invoice. 


2. The Details tab; the details of the procedure are to be added here.

Each free text option in the Details tab has the option to create shortcut text. This means that if you are typing the same information on a regular basis you can create a shortcut to make this process quicker. 

To create a shortcut click the icon and select Add Item. You can then enter the text that you will regularly use. Next time you need to add this text, start typing into that field and select from the drop down options. 




3. Once all the relevant sections of the report have been completed, additional files can be attached to the report from the Files tab. Accepted file formats: PDF, JPEG and PNG.



4. Once you have completed all fields you can then Save as Favourite, this will allow you to save all fields and the next time you complete the same procedure you can load these details by selecting Load from Favourite




5. Click Save to add the Operation Report to the patient clinical file or Save & Print to save into the patient clinical file and print. 



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