Activating Operating Lists

Brief Overview

Operating Lists allow the practice to view and distribute the necessary patient and procedure details to the hospital where the procedure is being performed. You have the option to turn this On/Off depending on whether you require this feature.
Note: Only users with Admin access have the ability to make this change


1. To turn on Operating Lists, click on Settings > Practice Details, then ensure the Allow Operating Lists is ticked. If you would like to turn off Operating Lists, untick the Allow Operating Lists option.

2. Click Save.


3. Once Operating List is enabled, the module will be visible as a new tab on the left hand vertical menu bar.


4. If you want your Operating Lists to be included within the Procedure Management tab rather than in its own tab, in Settings > Practice Details tick Show under Procedure Management.

5. Click Save.


4. Once Show under Procedure Management is enabled, the module will be visible within the Procedure Management tab on the left hand vertical menu bar.




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