Invoicing Health Funds via ECLIPSE

Brief Overview

Clinic to Cloud would like to introduce a streamlined approach to manage and claim Health Fund invoices. 

The option to create a Draft invoice is now available. When this invoice is complete and it is time to claim, a Submit option will mark this invoice with a Ready status to be automatically claimed at 1:00am AEST daily. 

The Short Version

  • Create an invoice with or without an appointment
  • Ensure the correct invoice type is selected before creating the invoice
  • Check and change your invoice details before proceeding with adding the billing item numbers
  • Add all relevant billing item numbers
  • Select the option to create a Draft or Submit this invoice to automatically be claimed at 1:00am AEST daily


1. Create an Invoice. Do you have an appointment? 

If yes, select the appointment on the scheduler and the invoice icon 


If no, select the invoice icon and type your Patients name. Select a location and Doctor 


2. Select the type of patient as In-Patient 


3. Select the type of invoice. Known Gap or No Gap 


4. Click Create

5. Complete the relevant invoice details if applicable
Tip Check the referral and location are correct 


6. Choose the Informed Financial Consent Status 

7. Add the relevant item item numbers
Tip Ensure the correct date and time of service is selected for this item 



8. If there are multiple procedure items, ensure MPR is selected 


9. If this is a Known Gap invoice, add the amount and take the payment for the gap 


10. Optional, Does this invoice need to be printed?

If no, the toggle will default to OFF 


If yes, the toggle will default to ON


11. Is this invoice ready to be submitted to the Health Fund? 

If no, select Draft to continue editing this invoice 
Tip Draft invoices can be found In Progress or Invoice History to continue editing until it is ready for submission


If yes, select Submit to queue this invoice for transmission at 1:00AM AEST daily 
Tip If Submit is chosen the invoice can be found In Progress with a Ready status


Is the Submit button inactive? 

Invoices with a failed verification and/or are missing important information can not be submitted until all of the relevant information is correct. The Submit action will become available once all required information is complete. Draft will be available until the required information is completed.


Verification of this patient has failed 
Patient verification can be completed on Demographics page


Validation of this invoice has failed and information is missing
Tip Refer to the highlighted errors for the missing information 


11. Additional  

Import from Fee Estimate
Choose from the list of created procedure estimates for this patient. Details will drop into this invoice to save time duplicating information. Find out more


An option for an Admin user only to remove invoices in Draft.

Do not want to save the changes made but want to keep the previous version of this invoice


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