Uploading your Data for your Final Conversion

Once you have validated and approved your Trial Conversion, your Conversion Specialist will be able to complete your Final Conversion after hours. 

Since your Start Date is the day your practice plans on seeing your first of many patients using Clinic to Cloud, we strongly recommend completing your Conversion the weekend prior to your Start Date.

To complete your Final Conversion you will need to upload your data once more by following the below steps: 

  1. Receive Link and Instructions
  2. Upload the Data
  3. Login to your Practice
  Receive Link and Instructions

Depending on the type of conversion required, you will either receive a link and/or instructions as to how and where to upload or data if you have not already received this. 

Note: Your Conversion Specialist will provide the link, instructions and advise what files must be uploaded.

  Upload the Data

Either yourself or your IT service provider will need to access your data from your previous software provider. The data will then need to be download and re-upload to Clinic to Cloud as instructed by our Conversion Specialist for your Final Conversion. 

  Login to your Practice

Once your data has been uploaded and our Conversion Specialist has completed your Final Conversion, you will be sent your actual logins to sign into your Clinic to Cloud practice.

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