Creating Imaging Requests

To create a imaging request you must be in a consult or quick consult. 

Please note, the below information is related to printing an imaging request onto a pre-printed form provided by the imaging company. If you wish to print a pathology form to plain paper, you can request a custom form to be created for your practice at an additional cost. Email for more information.


Normal Consult

1. Double click on the patient appointment 

2. Once in the consult select the plus sign next to imaging on the left hand side toolbar.



3. You will need to select the correct form in the "Request to" field.

This field will default to the request form which you have selected in your settings as the default.

You will need to make sure you have the correct form selected here to make sure the information prints correctly onto the form. 

4. If the request is 'Urgent' or 'Bulk Bill' select the check box

5. You can select the 'Scan Required' and 'Scan Of' from the options available. If you need to add a new option select the plus option next to each field and add item. This will then be saved for next time you need it. 

6. You can free text in your clinical notes

7. To CC someone into the request you can select the field and start typing, if the contact or company is already added you will be able to search for them. If you need to add the contact or company you can do this by selecting the contact and company icon next to the CC field. 

You can also select the 'CC Referring Doctor' and 'CC Interested Parties' to add these contacts directly. 

8. You can select if the patient is 'Critical' 

9. Use the check boxes to select additional options

10. You can select a reason from the drop down of previously added reasons, if you need to add a new reason you can do this by selecting the plus sign next to the 'Reason' field. 

11. Once you have completed all fields needed you can save the request as a favourite to be used in the future. To do this select the 'Save as Favourite' option. You will be able to name the favourite here. 

Next time you need the same request you can load this from the 'Favourites' field on the request.

12. To print the request select the 'Create and Print' option. With your printing middleware running and the correct form in the printer the details will then print onto the form. 

13. Use the 'Create' option to save the request in the clinical file


Quick Consult

1. Click the 'Quick Consult' icon 

2. Select the patient name and the the consult will open in a new tab

3. Follow points 2-13 as above in Normal Consult


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