Restoring Deleted Items

Brief Overview

The Deleted Items window allows you to restore items that may have been deleted from Clinic to Cloud by mistake. Not all items can be recovered via this method. Deleted Items may only be restored by a Practice Admin user. 

The following items can be restored from the Deleted Items window:

  • Patient Referral
  • Patient Document
  • Referral Document
  • Internal Message
  • Recall
  • Fee Estimate
  • WorkCover Claim
  • Location
  • Received Secure Message


Short Version

  • Open Settings > Deleted Items
  • Click the Restore icon beside an item that has been deleted.
  • The item will then be reinserted into the database. 



1. Open Settings > Deleted Items



2. All items that have been deleted will be displayed in a list. 



3. You can use the filters to look for specific items if there are a lot of records. Click the Filter icon on the TypeDateDeleted By, Name, or Patient columns to open the filters.



A) If using the Type filter, select the Document Type you are looking for from the Select Value field and click Filter



B) If using the Deleted ByName, or Patient filters, we would recommend changing the first drop-down menu to Contains, and typing part of the name into the field provided before clicking Filter. This has the most chance to return results.



C) If using the Date filer, you can use the Is After or Equal to and Is Before or Equal to options to find an item that was deleted within a time period, ie within November. Click Filter to execute the search.



4. Click the Restore icon beside the item you want to recover.



5. The item will then be returned to your Clinic to Cloud practice.



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