Adding a Custom Fee Schedule

If you want to charge a different rate for items within Clinic to Cloud you are able to setup a Custom fund schedule to charge different rates per item number. 

You will need to follow these steps:


1. Create an excel document (.xlsx file) listing all the item numbers and prices. Item numbers in column A, and Item prices in column B.

Save this document, and keep it saved somewhere handy, in case you need to make changed down the track and update the schedule.


2. Go to Settings > Funds and Schedules


3. Click "Generic Schedule List" and then "Add New Generic Schedule". Name the schedule and click the tick button. 


(If you just need to replace an already existing schedule, you will just need to click the upload icon next to that schedule).


4. Click the upload icon that now appears. 


5. Browse to the spreadsheet you saved and click upload. (Ensure that it is an xlsx file)


6. Here you will need to identify a couple of variables.

Start from row: Select 1

Column No for Item Number (MBS): Select 1

Column No for Item Price: Select 2

Then save.


When applying item numbers to the invoice, you will now be able to choose the new rate you have just uploaded for the various item numbers.

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