28 May - Product Update

This update focuses on the below general bug fixes: 

  • The Multiple Procedure Rule will no longer round benefits when billing private fees, to help reduce exceptions and rejections from health funds regarding rounded totals.
  • Group Bookings will now appear on the Uninvoiced Appointments report. 
  • Bulk Payments made in the Invoice History will now show the Payment Date instead of the current date. 
  • Operating Lists will be titled with the operating date, instead of the list creation date when emailed from Clinic to Cloud.
  • Issues preventing saving in the Patient Demographic window have been resolved. 
  • External Surgeon invoice MBS Totals will display correctly in the invoice window. 
  • A progress wheel will now be shown in the Contacts, Operating Lists, and Invoice History windows when searching. 
  • The Xero Settings page will no longer present errors when loading. 
  • Operating Lists will show the overlay for emails appropriately. 
  • Errors preventing saving Group Consults have been resolved.
  • Appointments can now be successfully deleted from the Scheduler
  • Healthlink EDI may now be edited in a Contact record.
  • Searching for Invoices will now allow partial searches rather than requiring the entire invoice number.
  • Discounts will now be correctly applied to the Multiple Procedure Rule figures rather than the full fee of the items. 
  • Known Gap Figures will now be imported correctly from a Fee Estimate
  • The full date will now properly be displayed on the Invoice History window when maximised.
  • The Patient Demographic window will now allow proper entry of the patient's Suburb & State.
  • Issues causing the duplication of appointments in the Scheduler have been resolved.
  • Payment issues preventing Tyro from functioning correctly have been resolved.
  • Secure Messaging counter has been reinstated for Unassigned Messages.
  • Scrolling bars have been instated for the clinical window to assist with visibility on smaller displays.
  • SMS Notifications that are sent for Rooms will now correctly populate their Tags
  • Manual SMS favourites will now load properly.
  • Appointments may now be clicked and dragged to a different timeslot without issue. 
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