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Brief Overview

When Online Payments has been enabled in your practice, you may receive communications directly from Stripe regarding your account. These will be sent to the Account Holder designated when the Stripe account was created.



Email and SMS will be sent in the following situations:



The following SMS will be sent from an American phone number:

  1. When a user signs up for Stripe. This will confirm the creation of your account, to confirm the phone number attached to the account.
  2. When the user attempts to update email or bank account in the dashboard. This is to confirm the change made to the email or bank account attached to the Stripe account.
  3. When a user attempts to change their phone number (sent to new number). This is to confirm the change in phone number.
  4. When the first payment is transacted through Stripe. This is to notify you of the payment, so you may confirm the payment is successfully received into your bank account in a few days' time.

An SMS may appear such as this:




The following emails will be sent from Stripe:

  1. A welcome email on creation of a Stripe account.
  2. When an email is onboarded with Stripe that hasn't yet been verified. You will be prompted within the Stripe Dashboard via Clinic to Cloud to verify your email address.
  3. When more information is required for the Stripe account to be created. Information will need to be provided within the Online Payments area in Patient Portal Settings to complete the account creation.
  4. When a payout from Stripe has failed in sending to the owner of the account.
  5. When a payout account with Stripe has been changed.
  6. When a payout account payment method is updated. 


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