Managing a Patients My Health Record (MHR)

Brief Overview

If a patient has an active My Heath Record (MHR) and your practice is set up for this integration, you can manage a patients uploaded documents from the clinical consult. You can filter, view, print and download documents that are available in the patients MHR.

Note: This is only available to users with Doctor access.


The Short Version

  • Double click a patient appointment to open a clinical consult or use the Quick Consult icon.
  • Click on the MHR icon
  • Filter the documents
  • View, Print and Download documents



1. Open a consult by double-clicking on a patient's appointment in the Scheduler. If you would like to add a note to a patient who does not have an appointment, use the Quick Consult.



2. Open the patients MHR by clicking on the icon, if the patient has MHR and it is active, it will open. 


Note: If the patient does not have an active MHR an error message will appear.


3. Once open, MHR will show all documents available for this patient.



Advanced Views & Filters

1. To filter the documents in the list, select Advanced Views & Filter.


2. Filter by:

  • View - Select from defined options and further filter by selecting from the dropdown.
  • Date - Choose a start date or select from the month options.


3. Click Apply Filter.



Viewing, Printing & Downloading Documents

1. Click on the document name or select View from the Actions dropdown to open the document. 


2. Once the document is open, you can then Print or Download.


3. Select Go Back to see the patients MHR documents.

4. From the list of document you can also print the document by selecting Print in the Actions dropdown. 


5. Selecting Download in the Actions dropdown will add the document to the Records Downloaded tab at the top of the page. This file is now downloaded onto Clinic to Cloud


6. Once downloaded the document can be viewed, printed or deleted from Clinic to Cloud from the Actions dropdown. 


Note: This does not delete the document from the patients MHR, just from Clinic to Cloud.




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