Setting up My Heath Record

There are two parts to enabling My Health Record access in your practice.

Step 1 - Complete MHR registration process

To complete this process, you will need a PRODA account. For assistance, please contact the Australian Digital Health Agency Connections Team


Agency Connections Help Desk: 1300 901 001 



The Agency Connections team can assist you to:

  1. Obtain a Healthcare Provider Identifier - Organisation (HPI-O)
  2. Obtain a Healthcare Provider Identifier - Individual (HPI-I)
  3. Connect your HPOS with C2C's Cloud Service Provider Number(CSP). 

Once this is done, head back to Clinic to Cloud to activate MHR.


Step 2 - Connect to MHR in C2C

Once you have completed the above:

  • Go to Settings > Practice Details > Accounting and enter the practice HPI-O
  • Ensure that the providers' names in Clinic to Cloud matches how it is saved in PRODA.
  • Go to Settings > Users > click the pencil to the right of the provider's name > Update & Configure > User Settings > Personal Settings and add the doctor's PRODA number into the Medical Registration Number field
  • Go to Settings > Users > click the pencil to the right of the provider's name > Update & Configure > User Settings > Personal Settings and add the HPI-I
  • Click Save


    You're ready to go!

The next time you enter a patient's Demographics, the system will automatically update the Account section with the patients' My Health Record details.



Once this is done, the doctor now has entry into the patient's My Health Record in the clinical file.


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