16 March - Patient Portal Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Several bug fixes have been released into Clinic to Cloud to improve patient and practice experience. Please find below a list of the bugs that have been resolved in this release. 



  • Screen size will no longer affect appointment visibility when making a booking.
  • The Appointment Types menu will now allow scrolling when booking an appointment via the mobile application.
  • Appointments will no longer be duplicated on tablet view. 
  • Errors will now be prevented when booking an appointment from a Recall.
  • Appointments may now be cancelled in the portal after an invoice or consult has been raised. 
  • The Scheduler will now display "Patient Portal" in the Booked By information when hovering over an appointment record.

Financial Information:

  • Company Phone has been added to the Unpaid and Paid Invoices, and Quotes windows.
  • Duration in Quotes window will now be shown in hours and minutes. 
  • Buttons in the Unpaid Invoices window will be shown in the correct order on tablet devices.


Clinical Information:

  • Hidden results will no longer show in the Patient Portal.
  • The My Measurements page will now accurately show Vitals records.
  • Uploading documents on mobile will now function incorrectly. 
  • Letters & Files Shared With You window will now display correctly on iOS.
  • Issues when uploading files with extensions in upper-case have been resolved.
  • Pagination has been introduced in the My Measurements window to improve visibility and load times.
  • File Descriptions will be shown against uploaded files.
  • Letters and Documents in the Letters & Shared Files Shared With You tab will be displayed with truncation if the file name is too long.
  • Medication names will be truncated if they are too long to display in the grid. 


Patient Login & Account Access:

  • Errors when creating passwords have been resolved.
  • Patient Login functionality has been restored.
  • Patients with pre-existing logins will now be correctly redirected to the new Patient Portal
  • Patients may now switch accounts within the Patient Portal without issue.
  • Scrolling has been implemented for the Change Account window within the portal.
  • Users will be locked from logging into the portal after 5 unsuccessful attempts.
  • Saving a patient's demographic window without an email or SMS in Clinic to Cloud will no longer affect the patient's Patient Portal Access.

Patient Registration Process:

  • Terms and Conditions are now showing the correct titles and icons on mobile.
  • Things to Do area will now show correctly on the Homepage
  • The Postcode will now be prefilled when the Suburb is selected when the patient completes their demographic information.
  • Checklists on mobile will now be displayed appropriately.
  • The Accept Terms & Conditions field, and Accept Privacy Policy field will now only become checked if completed by a patient.


Practice Information:

  • Updating information in the Practice Details tab of Clinic to Cloud will now be translated across to the Patient Portal
  • Patient Portal Logo will no longer be stretched in appearance on the Patient Portal homepage.
  • Doctors Images will no longer be stretched when a non-square image is uploaded.

General Usage:

  • Next & Back button functionality has been restored on 768 pixel dimension windows.
  • Area has been replaced in the Patient Portal with Location, to use more consistent language across the platform. 
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