[COMING SOON] Attaching Information to a Patient's Letter

Brief Overview

When creating a Letter you have the option to attach information that is already documented in the patient's record by using the Paperclip icon in the Letter Creator.  This article explains how to use the Attach from Patient File function.  

Important:  You can only attach an item to a Letter. It is not possible to attach a file to a Document.

Please note, this functionality is only available in the new letter editor. 


The Short Version

  • Begin a new Letter for the patient.
  • Click the Paperclip icon.
  • Search for & select the Attachment.
  • Click Insert.
  • Complete the Letter as required. 



1. Begin a new Letter for the patient. You can do this from the Scheduler or from within a Current Consult for the patient.

A) From the Scheduler, select the New Letter icon. 



B) From within a Current Consult for the patient, select the New Letter icon.



2. Create the letter as required. Further detail on writing letters can be found in the links below, respective to your User Type in Clinic to Cloud:

[COMING SOON] Creating a Letter (Admin)

[COMING SOON] Creating a Letter (Doctor)


3. Select the Paperclip Attach icon to attach a file.



4. Search for an item by name, or select one of the filters provided to display files of a particular type (ie ChecklistLetter, Imaging Result).



5. Select the item that you'd like to load into the letter, from the filtered results.



6. Click on Insert



7. Your file will then be added as an attachment to your letter, and will be sent as a PDF. You will see a numbered icon against the Attachments icon that displays how many files have been attached to the letter. Hovering over this icon will display the name of the Attachment you have chosen, and you may use the icon to remove the Attachment.



8. If you would like to add another attachment to your Letter, you can follow steps 3-6 again to attach additional files. 


9. Complete the Letter as required. At the time of sending, your attachments will be sent as PDF files in addition to your original Letter


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